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Somerset Falls Portland Jamaica

Somerset Falls Portland Jamaica

May 23, 2019

If you like waterfalls, this is definately the place to go. Waterfall after waterfall and a great place to swim.This property was occupied by Spanish settlers over 400 years ago and many of the original aqueducts and dams built by them are still visible today. 

Somerset Falls are an ideal getaway for a memorable picnic in paradise. The breath-taking waterfall is hidden in the rainforest, where the Daniels River plunges down a narrow gorge. Here, you can settle in for a lovely day of sunning, relaxing and bathing in picture-perfect deep rock pools. 

Somerset Falls is past Hope Bay on the A4, about 10 miles west of Port Antonio on Jamaica's north coast. Don't forget the short hiking trail that afford good views of the water. 


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