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Jermaine Fagan

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More 2 Life, he now has the world singing. From his native community of Portmore, Jamaica to the streets of the United States, the voice of reggae artist Jermaine Fagan echoes over the internet, traditional radio and in the clubs. With 2 albums and a line of performances, Singing and performing since 1994 he has matured into a revolutionary singer. His influence to pursue a career in music comes from his consciousness of the World seeking solutions to problems such as poverty, inequality and injustice. The humble yet determined artist has performed at several stage shows including the annual Yam Festival in Philadelphia and the annual Reggae Festival in New Jersey.

With his new album, Just A Simple Man, Jermaine has definitely opened his audience to a more mature and revolutionized side. With tracks like East Shore and African Woman, he beckons for the ears of millions more to his unique sound and style of music. With messages of peace, love and unity through education and understanding of one's past, his songs are profoundly uplifting and inspiring. If you listen to his songs and you are not impressed with his delivery, you are guaranteed to be blown away by the lyrical contents.