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Baby I Love You

Jermaine Fagan - Baby I Love You

© 2018 Jermaine Fagan

Release Date: November 16, 2018


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Baby I Love You Lyrics

Oh baby, oh girl


Baby I love you

Baby I need you

And if I ever forget to tell you girl this one is for you I love you

Baby I love you

Baby I need you

And if I ever forget to tell you girl this one is for you I love you

Verse 1

Love how you gwaan mi love how you perform

Just the little things you do a that turn me on

Girl got a lot a style you got a lot charm

You are so beautiful like the sun up on the dawn

I love the sparkle in eyes

I love you shape, I love you size

The way you groove the way you make me move

I am so happy you could be my wife

I have got to give thanks and praise

For all of this wonderful days

Can't do without smiling face

Without you girl life wouldn't be so great

Verse 2

You love, you love is like a burning flame

Keeping me warm throughout the ruggy terrain

You are like a shelter from the rain, healing for my pain

I love it when you whisper, when you call my name

I was a lion in jungle, just couldn't tame

Since I met you girl it hasn't been the same

You brighten up life, show me love again

Now I wish to take it and ride it to the end

Girl come put your love on me

Hug me, kiss me don't leave me

Girl come put your love on me

Love me, hold me don't leave me

Verse 3

Girl you are so passionate and understanding

Pretty like lillys in the morning

Smooth like the tide inna the evening

You gimmi good vibes oh what feeling girl

I pray Jah keep us together

Guide us through the stormy weather, oh girl oh girl

No one can break us apart

No one can ever take my heart

Girl you a number one pon the prince chart

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