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Song Title Artist(s) Year
WhyJermaine Fagan2007
Living In The Ghetto (acoustic)Jermaine Fagan2007
Hard WorkJermaine Fagan2007
African WomanJermaine Fagan2007
Everyman Need A WomanJermaine Fagan2007
All For YouJermaine Fagan / Sun N.y2007
Positive VibesJermaine Fagan / Wanlov2007
Last NightJermaine Fagan2007
Island LoveJermaine Fagan / Tangled Thoughts2007
More 2 LifeJermaine Fagan2005
Thanks And PraiseJermaine Fagan2005
Express YourselfJermaine Fagan2005
Things ChangeJermaine Fagan2005
LifeJermaine Fagan2005
We Nuh RapJermaine Fagan2005
Bring It OnJermaine Fagan2005
Cease The TalkJermaine Fagan2005
Loooking In Your EyesJermaine Fagan2005
Show Love (interlude)Jermaine Fagan2005
FriendsJermaine Fagan2005