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Just A Simple Man

Jermaine Fagan - Just A Simple Man

Just A Simple Man Lyrics


I am just a simple man
troding this holy land
I have no religion nor denomination
and the most high is my only conviction
cause when I am right he will never prove me wrong

Repeat chorus

This ain't no phase; I tell you it's my observation
when I look across this world and in this very nation
all I see is the result of the miseducation
separating my people through denomination
have them celebrating days that were once pagan
and doing all things that are abomination
neglecting the very thing that make them spiritual
if they were in tune with nature then they would understand


Oh my Israelites, oh great nation
what will it takes yeah for the unification?
when will you see that religion only bring separation?
confusion, illusion, utter destruction
a most high god me praise me no praise not a man
so no pope can't come take my confession
from the priest to the pope, I condemn Vatican
find them guilty from the first molestation


Well this is not the first, and it won't be the last
it's been going on from before the holocaust
them put away chains and shackles and cast
now a innocent people house me see dem all a blast
with bombs and guns, the devastation vast
from Israel to Lebanon, how much life loss?
death tolls increase as the days go pass
and my people are the only one me see a pay the cost

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